Hi all, and welcome to my little slice of the internet; Our Barnes Yard.

I’m Heather Barnes, the content creator behind my personal brand centered around all things DIY, home décor, and plants. I love empowering my audience with the skills and confidence they need to make their home their haven and I love having fun along the way!

Growing up, I spent a lot of time working alongside my dad (a contractor by trade) and can remember spending my childhood building forts in the backyard with whatever wood and nails we could scrounge up. That creative side evolved into constantly re-arranging my room as a teenager and even taking an interior design elective in high school.

Meet Heather

After graduation, I decided to pursue Education but looking back, I wish I had tuned into that fire I knew I had growing up; creating amazing spaces! As I reflect on my life journey, in some ways I feel like an interior designer or decorator just wasn’t an option for me. Little did I know back then that “content creator” could be an avenue for me now. I currently work full time as a content creator and LOVE spending my days with you!

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Favorite Tool: Ryobi Airstrike Brad Nailer

Favorite Plant(s): too hard to choose just one! Monstera, Snake, ZZ, Pothos, and Bird of Paradise

Favorite Food: Sushi; raw salmon is a must!

Favorite Snack: Kernels Cheesy Dill Popcorn or Miss Vickie’s Salt and Vinegar Chips

Favorite Room in Our Home: The downstairs guestroom! It’s my favorite design

Proudest DIY: Finishing our basement stairs almost all by myself. Such a hard project but felt so good to finish!

shop my amazon storefront

Shop my Amazon Storefront

Looking for more?
Visit my highlights or send me a DM!

Looking for more?

Visit my Instagram highlights or send me a DM!