What do i do?

A content creator is someone who creates intentional and appealing content that aligns with the interests of your audience and brand. My content is both written and visual and is made with one goal — to provide value by educating, inspiring, motivating, or entertaining my audience. 

I stick to what I know — plants and projects. My brand revolves around teaching others to love the place they call home. My audience trusts me to show them the ins and outs of do-it-yourself projects, plant care, home decor, and home renovation. 

Simply put, I am a content creator. 

Plus, I always do it with a smile on my face and my best DIY outfit.

I have had the privilege of working with brands that align with my content to collaborate on campaigns related to home decor, home renovations, and plant-care. Some of these brands include: 

Giant Tiger

Home Hardware
Maison Berger
Saje Wellness

If you're interested in a collaboration, please email me at ourbarnesyard@gmail.com or fill out my Contact Form.

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